Spiral Terrace

Whether for new construction or older, tired landscapes needing rejuvenation, we will draw on the client’s program requirements regarding uses of the property, level of maintenance, and style preferences, as well as the natural assets of the site and our own experiences to develop a unified and coherent design for relaxed outdoor living.


  • Site Consultation (paint a solution on the ground)
  • Sketch Plans (present the options for site organization and materials)
  • Master Plan (enough to guide a Landscaper)
  • Perspective Drawings (helps to visualize the improvements)
  • Permitting (satisfy the Town)
  • Construction Documents: Layout, Materials, Grading, Planting, Details, Sections, Elevations, Written Specifications (for competitive bidding)
  • Construction Observation (see that the installation is done right)
  • Tree Protection (trees are great assets, and they’re sensitive – let’s preserve them)
  • Maintenance Schedule (maintain your landscape sustainably and beautifully)